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Practical Personal Development


Khawaja Saud Masud

Khawaja Saud Masud

Khawaja Saud Masud
Key Ideas from "The Alchemy of Happiness" by Imam Al Ghazzali

Key Ideas from "The Alchemy of Happiness" by Imam Al Ghazzali

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Key Ideas from "Antifragile" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Key Ideas from "Antifragile" by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Key Ideas from "Start with why" by Simon Sinek

Key Ideas from "Start with why" by Simon Sinek

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Daily Posts

My Philosophy

The meaning of life is to collectively ascend out of suffering despite practical limitations and to achieve this end we must share, learn and grow together.

How I Intend to Serve

  • Create practically useful personal growth content and share using social media.

  • Leverage a broad set of mediums including writing articles, newsletters, podcasts, seminars, classes, lectures, workshops, public forums, visual art, group chats, etc.

  • Engage in 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching.

  • Build a community of like-minded impactivists.

My Approach

  • Build upon global personal and professional experience - leverage the knowledge of what helped or hurt me along the way.

  • Real-world application of ideas since nothing else matters.

  • Nuanced approach to life-charting and problem-solving.

  • Integration of modern knowledge and multi-cultural wisdom - growth may be fueled by many sources.

Areas of Interest

  • Entrepreneurship (another word for personal development, an opportunity to build self-awareness and bring your gifts to the world).

  • Productivity (habit formation, time management, prioritisation, focus building, etc. - all the stuff we may know of but still struggle to integrate in our daily lives).
  • Parenting (nurturing our precious ones to be of high value to themselves and the world and developing lifelong bonds with them).
  • Resiliency (effectively absorbing change-shock and re-engineering life at any stage).

​My Why

There is undeniable personal healing and growth from serving others. I started the self-improvement journey to navigate my very own personal storms, little did I know I would be helping others along the way with the same advice and tools I was accessing.

My other 'why' is the gratification of learning that comes from exposure to diverse life stories and complex situations - every conversation opens the possibility of life revealing itself to us a bit more.

Public Speaking
Workshops & Coaching
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22 Ibn-e-Sina Road, G-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan

Drop me a line, share your thoughts, ask a question. Would love to hear from you.

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