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Melting ice cubes

Father to son — a short letter

I always remind you to be present and mindful. Nooo, widening your eyes and sticking your chin out doesn’t make that happen! :)

Know that all living things and especially us humans, are like ice cubes who sunbathe daily. We are therefore melting daily. Don’t panic! Statistically, most of us may take 7 decades to fully melt— but who knows, right? Some ice cubes are bigger than others!

The point is, we should be aware of all that is around us and inside our heads and use that to create the best life for ourselves and others in the time we have. Don’t take your extremely precious time for granted. There is a saying that goes something like this, “one who is young is rich.”

Very true! Time is the only asset we can’t regenerate or preserve, we can only experience it — this is why it is so precious, more valuable than gold or diamonds. Aging may be slowed down. Money may be made after bankruptcy. One may remarry after a divorce. We may heal after getting sick. But we are helpless in front of time — what we have is what we have and that’s it!

The good news is you have time on your side. It is there to allow you to experiment your way to your life’s purpose and let you leave your imprint on the world — your impact. Nobody is born with purpose coded in their genes. You yourself will give your life meaning, so make sure it is ‘awesome.’

Ok, I won’t cringe you out any further. Just make the most of your 86,400 seconds daily by staying curious and disciplined. Don’t worry about a little slacking off here and there but at the start of every day think about what you want to accomplish that day and at the bookend of the day, before dozing off, think again, did you get it all done? Maybe not, maybe yes and maybe even more than you thought.

Either way, spend 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes at night thinking about your goals and your progress towards them. Don’t worry about the past, its now water, don’t worry about the future, it too will become water, just live in your present and be the best ice cube you can be! :)

This article was originally published on Medium.

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