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  • Khawaja Saud Masud

“Bol Hu” The Anthem To Live By

Elevating past your perceived capacity

Closing in on 3 million views on YouTube in around two weeks, the song ‘Bol Hu’ (Say it is Him-God) has touched a nerve and especially mine and I recommend embracing the song as a personal anthem regardless of one’s belief system or background.

In addition to 6.5 minutes of trance inducing melodies, the gripping Urdu and Punjabi lyrics, the superb performance by Soch the band, the fantastic production by Nescafé Basement, an out-of-this world performance by Hadiya Hashmi, the 8-year old girl who triggered goosebumps everywhere and stole the show with her vocal mastery, this song is about personal growth.

Nescafé Basement, on their YouTube channel, have to say this about the song:

“Take the spiritual journey of “Bol Hu” with us and let it surprise you. An original by Soch featuring 8 year old Hadia, Bol Hu is a soul searching trance of belief and devotion, braving the test of time as it has within it, the strength of the universe.”

Teaching personal development over the years has made me realize the power of connecting with students on key messages through the medium of poetry, music and story telling. When I heard the song (and I recommend you do too regardless of your origin and nationality), I couldn’t help but smile since so many of the personal development themes I cover in class are beautifully and powerfully captured in it’s lyrics.

Below, I dissect the song into 6 parts or themes and attempt to translate the lyrics into English but I can assure you this does not even remotely grasp the punch it packs in Urdu and Punjabi.

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