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Amor Fati

Father to son — a short letter

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Amor Fati is a Latin expression associated with Friedrich Nietzsche, a 19th century German philosopher. The phrase means ‘love of one’s fate.’ It means you accept the good and bad in life, without any regrets!

At first take you may completely disagree with this statement and may think only a fool would accept the bad in life. Read on my spirited little twelve-year old…

You and I have survived life’s turbulent waters several times. We have experienced pain and suffering in more ways than we would like to think about. You are far beyond your years as a result. But I ask you to accept fate only because if you can figure out a way to get past the dark times and sometimes the unfairness of life, then you come out far stronger on the other end. The philosophy of Amor Fati will help you through these turbulent seas and onto safer shores.

When life pushes you down, and it surely will, again and again, living in resentment and anger is a natural instinct. These emotions may harm your future further, which is why I ask you to be conscious of how to fight through these negative emotions. Fate doesn’t have ears so complaining about it to yourself or others doesn’t get you very far. Frankly, most people are not interested in witnessing venting sessions — they have plenty to worry about in their own lives — and yes, every single person you know is going through their own storms despite what their social media account reflects.

In life, you only command your character. What is asked of you is not miracles in time travel to fix history, but gradual, intentional action away from current chaos and toward order at some point in the future. Therefore, Amor Fati’s acceptance of the good and the bad helps you avoid getting stuck in the past and lets you stay focused on the future, which you can only influence in the present with the only tool you can use, your character.

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